Thanks for checking information about us. They have paid close attention on our designs and material in order to minimize our impact on the environment during our lifetime.

Know how we are made


We are made from 100% organic cotton and all factories involved in the production process are GOTS certified. This means that they are taking care of reducing their environmental impact (water consumption, Gas emissions, chemicals).

They also ensure the respect of the international labor regulations. Every single part of me has been respecting the GOTS requirements along the supply chain.

The factory where I have been produced is located in Turkey.

The factory is certified for international standard related to working conditions and environmental impact.

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Facts about me

How to take care of us to protect the planet

Do you want to rent me out?

There are many second handed places where you could bring me. Who knows perhaps I am still something worth…

Something is broken, do you want to
repair us?

We have had a good time together, why throw me out? Repairing me is for free and we create less waste.

I am getting too old; shall we consider to recycling me?

Please make sure to give me a second life by throwing me in the textile collecting bin.