Cotton fabrics are the core of our designs. It is a hybrid brand where sustainability and unique designs
are carefully merged. And not just any sustainable fabrics, as we only use GOTS certified fabrics. GOTS
is short for the Global Organic Textile Standard.


GOTS has extensive experience in promoting ’organic’ and all developed individual processing standards for organic textiles. GOTS came from the desire to harmonise these standards so that they were internationally recognised.

The GOTS organisation draws on the advice of, and input from, other relevant international stakeholder organisations and experts for regular standard updates.

Only low impact chemicals

Organic farming is practised without use of
hazardous pesticides or synthetic fertilisers,
hence reducing farmers’ exposure to harmful
chemicals, and the pollution of air and water
from these sources. For processing stages,
GOTS mandates that working conditions must
be safe and hygienic.

Working conditions are safe

GOTS prohibits harmful and hazardous
processing methods, driving the industry to
innovate alternate non-hazardous and
sustainable techniques. GOTS certification
helps market entry. It also improves the
prospects for enterprises in less developed countries, leading to improved industrial performance.

Workers rights are protected

GOTS encourages a harmonious participatory
working environment that embraces inclusivity
and collective bargaining. All GOTS certified
facilities have non-discriminatory rules and
policies in place. . In addition, there must be
no deductions from wages used as a
disciplinary measure.

Strict demands on environmental aspects.

To become certified according to our strict
environmental criteria, textiles have to
consist of at least 70% certified organic
fibres. The combination of environmental
and social criteria in the production of
textiles, serves to support our vision of
‘making organic textiles become a
significant part of everyday life.

Health and safety guidelines

GOTS certified facilities have to meet safe and hygienic standards to guarantee appropriate and risk-free working conditions for all processing stages. Violence and physical punishment is prohibited in GOTS-certified facilities. Corruption, extortion & bribery are also prohibited as part of GOTS ‘Ethical Business Behaviour’.


GOTS is backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. We want to do things right, so we carefully select our partners and therefore gotten our very own certificate number. We are happy to be working with one of the best-in-class suppliers, our Danish partner Green Cotton Group. And as an extra bonus, all products are MADE IN EUROPE.